Custom made vinyl with Traktor timecode

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Anyone ever used one of those online 3rd party vinyl companies to have a vinyl record made with timecode on one side? I did and the Traktor software detects it but says the timecode is low quality and the playback behavior is weird. Plays slow and even starts to play backwards when I pick the needle up and back down.

I have a 7 inch Traktor/Superseal that I cracked but it has enough Vinyl at the very end to be able to play and be detected by Traktor and it does with good signal.

I noticed when comparing the textures of the two vinyls that the Traktor one has a lot of grooves and looks like multiple individual tracks separated but the one I had custom made is smooth on the Traktor side. Why do they look so different? Is there something special I should have done with the Traktor timecode audio file I sent to the company? I got ot from someone here I'm the community forum and added into FL Studio then cut it down to the suggested length and then exported it as a wav file. Wish I can find another copy of Superseal with the timecode or NI had 7 inch timecode

Any advice is appreciated



  • Cloony
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    Hello therey what company did U use ? Sad to hear that it isn't working for you....

  • adic27
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    Freestyle Vinyl

  • Patch
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    Maybe try recording your existing 7” and using that to cut a new one?

  • adic27
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    It's cracked to where only the very end, towards the middle of the record plays and even then it skips because the needle is hitting where it's broken

    This is how bad it is

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