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Shed Maa
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I know we have a top five suggestions for Maschine. I'm requesting 6th section for other. For example I have some ideas for the piano roll. If this can be place within the five sections please indicate. The last time I asked this my post was deleted without warning or contact with no suggestion of where I can place my suggestions within the five sections


  • D-One
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    I doubt a new section would be created just because you ask for it, if that's the case and everyone just asks for a new section we would have 1000 in no time.

    IMO the Piano Roll stuff falls into the "Pattern Editor improvements" area, there are tons and tons of Piano Roll suggestions there already.

    AFAIK we haven't been deleting suggestions even when they're off-topic, I wish we were tho as reading that thread is a nightmare of people repeatedly asking for the same things, things that have nothing to do with the topics, etc...

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