NTKDaemon uses ADB ports

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Not sure if this belongs in Komplete General, but I wasn't sure where else to put it.

Ran into a bit of an issue with NTKDaemon the other day while trying to use adb to do some remote Android stuff for work. Apparently NTKDaemon uses similar ports as adb does by default which causes adb to think that there's offline Android devices connected to the computer.

^^^ not a real android device

If you take 5562 and +1 it, you get the port that it's using. Running lsof on port 5563 shows that NTKDaemon is listening on 5563.

@Jeremy_NI Is there anyway to change the default NTKDaemon TCP port? Can I change it manually to use a different port? My current work around has been just to kill the NTKDaemon process and then reboot when I'm done with "work."


  • Paul B
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    I can't advise on adb (I assume it doesn't allow changing the ports like other developer software?) or NTKDaemon (which is end user software and unlikely to allow changing ports).

    But there's no reason to reboot your computer to start NTKDaemon. You can restart it directly – it's an app, just one not in your Applications folder. The path to the app on my system is /Library/Application\ Support/Native\ Instruments/NTK. Go there in Finder and drag it to the Dock and you can use the Dock icon to start it it.

    Or even easier: let it be restarted by Native Access next time you use that. NA no longer tries to reinstall the daemon if it is not running and will start it instead.

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    That's good to know, I actually wasn't entirely sure which part of the NI ecosystem NTKDaemon was responsible for.

    There is a way to manually connect to a specific Android device via adb but it requires additional parameters each time you start a connection and is not ideal.

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    @reffahcs I actually have no idea but passed along your questions to my colleagues and waiting for some feedback!

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