Invasion drum routing

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hello. I am wanting to route my drums to seperate channels within one midi track. I've found tons of videos on how to do this, however, when I go to the kick, snare, cymbals and toms to route it to a channel, it only shows st1... so only 1 stereo track. I click the output tab to add the 4 Aux Channels and also some mono channels.. but they are not an option when selecting where to route the kick too. there is only "default" and "st1".

please help.

Thank you very much!


  • ArtBerkeley
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    Hi, you should be able to just add the number of outputs you need under quantity, then set the number of channels to 2 (makes the outputs stereo), then set the host output to st 1/2 [1], and select delete existing channels.

    From there, you should see your new channels and you can rename them and assign your kick, snare, etc.

  • iLly100
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    hi there, Thank you for your response!

    I don't see a "quantity" option. however there is an output and input drop down. it show me 4 Aux outputs which are stereo and many "unassigned" outputs which I hear are mono. when I select any of them they show up in the mixer, but, I am unable to align any of them to the drums. I was able to create separate master output channels and rename them, kick, snare etc... but the all say "2 channels, routed 1/2" and there is now ay to change them that I can find. Thanks again man!
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