Kontakt Preset / Patch Save behavior question

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Hi there,

I've always been mystified by what seems like it should be a very obvious feature in Kontakt. I am in Pro Tools on a Mac, and I am noticing Kontakt 7 behaves the same way on my new M1 Ultra as it did on my old Intel Mac in Kontakt 6. When I add the Kontakt plugin to a track in Pro Tools and select a patch from a Library, let's say Factory Library / Orchestral / VSL Strings / String Ensemble (patch). When I close that Kontakt plugin window and go do something other things, when I re-open the track with the Factory Library String Ensemble patch, the Side Pane library list goes back to its default view, with the first library in the list showing, and all the library windows closed. Why doesn't Kontakt save the settings in the Side Pane, so the Library that you had opened, re-opens as you had it? Often I will have a Kontakt preset instrument open, and I have no idea what Library it came from. Even if the Side Pane window can't recall how you last had it open, is there a way to identify from an instrument patch what Library it came from? Or do you just have to try to remember? In migrating patches to Kontakt 7 it took me a lot of poking around just to find out where that darn String Ensemble patch came from. Doesn't seem like it should be that hard. Am I missing something? Thanks!! (Sorry if these are dumb newbie questions...)

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