M+ and Minilab 3 crash (standalone)

Vic Angelo
Vic Angelo Member Posts: 103 Advisor

Idk if anyone else has had a similar problem with the Arturia Minilab mk3.

My M+ crashes With Minilab 3 plugged in via USB... But ONLY once I switch M+'s MIDI settings "on" for that MIDI Port. If I keep MIDI port "off", M+ is stable (so as a workaround I only use the USB to only power the Minilab 3 and have to resort to using the 5pin Midi to play notes)

I connect USB midi keyboards to my Maschine+ in standalone mode all the time with success, as well as multiple USB devices on the M+ (using USB hub) at the same time. This problem is only for the minilab 3.

All up to date Firmware and versions on all devices. Stock Power Supply as well.


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