"This patch is corrupted and cannot be loaded!" // Kontakt 7

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I have a Kontakt multi I use for live performance with hundreds of instruments. Prior to 4 days ago, loading this multi was never a problem. However, I attempted to open the file on Sunday and got the error message: "Kontakt 7: This patch is corrupted and cannot be loaded!"

I looked around online and found this support post: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/de/articles/210275865-KONTAKT-Error-Message-This-patch-is-corrupt-and-cannot-be-loaded

It states "this message appears when you try to load a patch in KONTAKT which has originally been saved with a newer version of KONTAKT."

This would have been impossible in my case, as I was running Kontakt 7.7 at the time, and I did not have a newer version of Kontakt installed on my system (MacBook Air M1. OS 11.7.9).

Attempting to troubleshoot, I opened Native Access and updated all products. I am now running Kontakt 7.8, and I get the same error when attempting to open the multi in question. Given that 7.8 is the latest version of Kontakt, it would be impossible for the multi to have been saved with a newer version than this one.

What can I do to resolve this issue? I have rehearsals and gigs coming up in the next few days and I need this multi to load properly.


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    Have you tried reinstalling back up of your working system, which you should be doing if gigging to have reliable safety net? Try loading it in Kontakt 6? Try uninstalling Kontakt and reinstalling? Run disk repair on your Mac? Try renaming the patch file?

    Probably none of that helps, but that is what I would try while waiting for any more cogent replies.

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