Confused by Kontakt 7 browser, and backwards compatability

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Hi all,

I'm just configured a Mac M1 Studio Ultra with Kontakt 7 in Pro Tools. I'd been running Kontakt 6 for a long time on an old Cheesegrater in PT 2021.6. I am confused (side note - I had originally installed the Libraries on my system drive until I realized how huge the Komplete Ultimate Bundle is, so I moved it to an external drive, and re-attached all the libraries in Native Acccess. Not sure if this has anything to do with my issues):

  • In the fancy new browser search, why don't all the Libraries show up? I was searching for a String Ensemble patch that I had used on my old system and it turns out it was in the Kontakt Factory Libary. But neither of the Kontakt Factory Libraries show up in the search browser, and when I do a search for "string ensemble", nothing in the Factory Libraries shows up. I do have all the Libraries checked as viewable in the Options window.
  • All the string and horn patches I was using in Kontakt 6 show up as "Available in Kontakt 7" when I open the sessions in Rosetta Mode, where I am able to load the Kontakt 6 "kontakt" AAX plugin. But when I Save Presets I can't import them into Kontakt 7. How the heck are you supposed to open previous Instrument patches in Kontakt 7? Do you have to start everything from scratch? No backwards compatability??
  • Once you have selected an Instrument and a Patch and it is open in the Kontakt plugin player window, how can you see what Library that patch came from? When I was looking at the String Ensemble patches in Kontakt 6, I couldn't see anything that told me that were from the Kontakt Factory Library. Is there a reliable way to see what Library an open Patch originally came from?

Thanks for your help!!

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