Kontakt 5 Full not loading libraries

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Hi. I recently upgraded my Mac Pro from High Sierra to Big Sur.

I did a complete clean install and reinstalled all my plugins, VI's, DAW, etc. (it took about a week!).

I used Native Access to reintstall all of my Kontakt libraries.

I have Kontakt 5 Full, plus the free Kontakt 6 player for libraries that require it.

The problem I am now having is I am getting error messages now in Kontakt 5 Full that say instruments were made in a later version of Kontakt and they won't load, even though they worked perfectly fine in Kontakt 5 Full before I did all of this?

Thanks for any help!


  • Jank
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    I got the same problem. The difference is that I reinstalled my Windows OS because of a "drive-switch". And after the fresh new install of all the NI products I have the same problem with loading the Kontakt libraries as MJ it is describing it.

  • Blindeddie
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    Well one would assume that NI updated the Libraries to be Kontakt 6 compatible only. You could try getting in touch with Support to see if the might have K5 compatible library installers available… support link on top bar ( or in menu on Mobile)

  • NRK
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    I checked and the things I was trying to load predate my owning Kontakt 5.

    They are all third-party libraries or instruments I have created myself.

    The only update was updating the free Kontakt version from 5 to 6, ironically because I bought one of NI's own libraries that would only run on 6 Free Player.

    My Contact 5 Full still runs everything, it's just third-party libraries I am all of a sudden working with.

  • Jank
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    I see now that I do not only have the problem with Kontakt but also with Reaktor 5... If I am trying to locate it via the software or via Windows, I cannot find it.

    This is by the way an expansion bought from NI (Lone Forrest).

    Idk what to do.

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