Saving after remapping pads in Battery 4

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I am using Battery 4 as a plugin in Studio One 6.5 with an AKAI Professional MPK249 controller. The MPK249 maps the 16 keypads upside down from what is displayed in Battery. I can edit the incoming pad mapping in Battery and have my controller pad mapping match what battery displays on screen. However, I cannot find a way to save the new pad mappings. When switching from Battery to another instrument or saving and closing Studio One and restarting, all of my edits are lost. Battery returns to its default mapping. Is there anyway to save mapping edits so that they can be recalled? Can edits be saved in Battery? Remapping the midi pad outputs from the MPK249 does not seem feasible. (And Akai technical support is worthless since InMusic took over Akai. They seem to have no interest in supporting what they now call a legacy product.) Am I missing something? This is a total Deal Breaker for using Battery 4. Any comments or support would be most appreciated.😕


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    @Gark The easiest way to do this is to open a blank kit, then assign the MIDI notes you want to the cells. Once all the assignments are done, go to Battery's preferences -> Loading -> Template Kit and choose Set to Current kit.

    Now every time you open Battery 4 the default kit should have the MIDI note assignments of your choice.

    There is also probably a software to change the MIDI notes on the AKAI keyboard.

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