S88 works in KK Stand alone but not in KK in Cubase 13 pro

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Hi spent the morning getting my new s88 set up and running all is well except when I'm in Cubase with a KK track all I can do is navigate the DAW, none of the KK functions like Play assist work, am I doing something wrong or have I fallen for the glossy NI advertisement . If this is not a feature just now will it ever be . This surly cant be the future, great features you can only use in stand alone mode of KK and not in the DAW !!!


  • Brianalipa
    Brianalipa Member Posts: 27 Member

    OK IT WAZ ME after you follow to the letter the correct set up for the keyboard and delete the mk 2 drivers

    ( this may be optional but it simplifies my set up }

    I found an icon on the top bar of the instrument called S88 with a keyboard symbol press this with the mouse and you get out of midi mode and in to keyboard mode and every thing works -- don't know if this is a Daw thing or a NI thing but its what I needed to do to get the system to make sense so the answer is yes play assist does work in the Daw you just have to know how that was an easy one it only took another 4 hours out of my life - 😊

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