New Computer-Reinstall or copy hard drive

Stan Stone
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Hi... I have an S88 and Maschine and everything is working perfect but now I am replacing with a more reliable computer...

Will NI let me re download everything on my new computer or do i copy my old working hard drive onto my new computer hard drive....

Is there any good way to use a external hard drive to back up your files if your computer crashes in the future Or can you just go to NI and download everything again... not sure how they protect themselves if I re download... not a clue how that works.....

I have always worked with Hammond organs and Leslie's so this is a bit of a challenge for an old timer like me...

I thank all of you for your time and any advice you may have.... Thank you..... Stan


  • Blindeddie
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    You can re-download if you need too... as far as external drive, most users opt to install/store libraries and other NI content on them which when getting a new computer, all you would need to do is redownload the plugins (Kontakt, Reaktor, Battery etc.) and then Native access will allow you to "Locate" Libraries on the External drive.

    here is a link to the Native Access FAQ and related articles...I would give those a read and if you have additional questions,post back!

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