Does the Maschine + have this MPC feature or is it in the works?

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When sampling, I'm used to having the quick functions of checking the end of a sample that I have cut down, not having to hear the whole sample to see where the end is, adjust the end again and then play the whole sample again. The MPC has the pads laid out to check each part of the sample quickly:

Is this possible on the Maschine or is this in the works? makes using hardware much more efficient for chopping and looping.



  • Blindeddie
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    The short answers would be NO and No clue if in the works.

  • Dstep ATL
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    Decided to go all in with Maschine and sell my Live, but it is quality of life stuff like this that I will miss

  • D-One
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    I do all sorts of workarounds to hear the end of a long sample, set the start point and truncate from there, then move it forward temporarily to check the end then put it back again... All this while adjusting the zoom, gets a bit annoying. If you're looking for a perfect loop it might also be faster if you use the Audio Module even if temporarily then move back to the Sampler.

    I wouldn't expect any sampler-oriented new features to come in the near future, I can't even remember the last time that happened and I've been here for a long time.

  • Jesse J
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    you are right ... refining sample chops is where alot of the finer accurate chopping skill and magic is done and unfortunately Maschine complicates a really simple task here... I have been an MPC user for decades and my Dinosaur MPC is leagues ahead when it comes to refining chops ... would be nice to see more logical methods of sample manipulation in Maschine

  • Jesse J
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    On top of that there appears to be no way to stop the audition of samples , not one that I can easily see anyway , for example when editing a sample thats 10 seconds long but you only want to audition the starting point of the chop and then tweak then audtion then tweak again , it will play the entire chop for the entire 10 seconds ... Im sure I am missing something here but it is not immediately obvious .. considering some of my chops are over 60 seconds long initially , this process just seems painful , and the only work around I can see for doing partial auditioning is if I set up and dedicate a seperate pad to a choke group with all the samples , and then I am not even sure if this will work

  • djadidai
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    Change from one-shot to adsr I believe?

  • ozon
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    SHIFT + MUTE stops all audio.

    Should also work while editing samples.

  • SuperHydro
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    thanks Ozon, that will work. Not a hassle. Not quite as great as having an option in settings to switch from stop being absolute or not, but will be the same once muscle memory kicks in.

    that works for synths, but for chopping samples and drum loops, it’s not the best solution.

    thanks D-One. I think once I get used to making the end point a separate sample, switching between samples will have to be the solution. I still hope they will do like the MPC as using the pads makes it more efficient than using a DAW.

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