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why some sounds in expansion packs have low signal levels?

Tim Pratt
Tim Pratt Member Posts: 11 Member

since buying Maschine i've been trying to understand why all the expansion packs and sounds i have paid for are either unavailable and won't load into Maschine and since finding out some aren't available to me because of system requirements other sounds play at such a low level i can't use them!!! on more than one sound bank pack most of my bass instruments are unhearable. on my audio interface and in audio tracks thru logic the signal level meters don't even move! very disappointed in this purchase so far just in the fact that it seems like i'm not getting everything i paid for!

has anyone else gone thru this? every way of trying to hear these sounds i've tried. i turn everything up full volume and it's still barely audible.


  • Schmapps1
    Schmapps1 Member Posts: 128 Pro

    That is most definitely not normal. Something has gone awry with your setup. I’ve never heard of ‘system requirements’ preventing the use of any expansions…maybe you can elaborate on that? Also, low volume of sounds to the point that you can barely hear them is something I have never experienced and certainly not normal.

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Member Posts: 470 Pro

    I've never had any of that either. Can you tell us more about your situation, config/hw and whether it seems to be with specific expansions?

  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 2,722 mod

    Nop, never had such an issue. Give some specific examples like pack names or whatnot.

  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 835 Guru

    @Tim Pratt if the quiet sounds are samples, did you try normalising them? I've discovered a few quiet samples and deal with them that way.

    What kind of bass sounds are you trying? If they're very low pitched, maybe the frequency response of your speakers is limiting what you can hear. How are you monitoring?

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