Why does KK 2.7.0 open all one-shots AND Loops (here anyways) in Sampler?

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As a (still) recent Komplete Kontrol S61 owner - been spending a bunch of time reading the actual

KOMPLETE_KONTROL_S_Series_MK2_Manual_English (October 2021)

to get more familiar with the keyboard controls, buttons, navigation etc - and yesterday I found myself discovering (and getting quite excited about) the whole world of one shots and loops available to me within KK.

However - on page 136 (Section 14.2. Loading One-Shot Samples and Loops) - it says this:

"When you load a sample of the content type One-shot from the Browser, the sample will be automatically loaded into the Sampler plug-in. When you load a sample of the content type Loop from the Browser, the sample will be automatically loaded into the Audio plug-in"

Well - for me - if I load a one shot (via the S61 OR via KK standalone) - the one shot opens in Sampler and then if I switch to loading a loop - it too loads in the Sampler plugin - and not in the Audio plug-in.

Has anyone else seen this and is there a reason why? Oddly all of the YouTube vids I found on this had everything opening as the manual states (One shots in Sampler and Loops in Audio) - cannot figure out why my scenario is different?

Appreciate any tips or tricks from the field.




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    I just checked this out and it appears that if you load a Sample (one-shot) initially, the sampler loads as it should, but with the Sampler module open in KK, if you load a loop, instead of changing to the Audio Module, it loads the loop in the Sampler Module. The same behavior is seen if you initially open a loop (Audio Module Opens) and then load a one-shot...it loads in the audio module. Since I have a test computer set up, I tried this on the previous version (2.6.7) and I saw the same behavior. I also saw the same behavior with the Maschine Sofware. I would consider this a bug. @Jeremy_NI, can you confirm this is desired behavior or not?

    Workaround, manually change the Module to fit the type... (Either from the controller or SW) the one-shot or loop loaded is just loaded in the new module.

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    Thanks for the confirm! Not a huge deal as you can see - but if the manual says one thing and software does another - one or the other should be addressed.

    To be honest - I prefer it to work exactly the way the manual presents it - One Shots should open in Sampler and Loop should open in the Audio Plugin. 100% of the time.

    While the workaround does work - it's a pain if you need to work with numerous different bits of media and have to keep intervening back and forth to kick Komplete Kontrol back in line.

    NI keeps promoting heavily how the Komplete Kontrol ecosystem is supposed to "keep you in the creative moment and not distract" - this annoying switchroo does not meet that goal - it is nothing but a distraction.



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    Hey @Vocalpoint @Blindeddie I could reproduce the issue here. It's indeed confusing and not really a great workflow. I've reached out to the Komplete Kontrol team to get more insight and am waiting for their feedback.

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