Drag&drop WAV file from Cubase timeline into Kontakt

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Hi I posted asking this question 2 years ago, I still can't drag a wav file from the cubase timeline into kontakt like I can in plugins like Vice,halion, or groove agent. this would be so handy for a quick workflow.

I originally upgraded to kontakt 6.2 because it was advertised as drag and drop, still not able to do it to the best of my knowledge.

any updates on this?



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    yeah unfortunately you have to use kontakts browser and go to the current cubase projekt folder then audio and grab it from there, you can save your cubase project folder for quick jump, if you are on the project folder click on view then click "lock current for quick jump" or like that, then you can quick jump with the same drop down menue by clicking again on view - also pretty quick butr of course not the same.


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    Renaming thread title. Please be more descriptive when opening new threads!

    Kontakt 6.2 introduces user zones so yes you can drag and drop samples from Explorer/Finder or Kontakt's browser directly onto instrument's performance view. But VST XML is as of yet not supported in Kontakt.

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    I'm using straylight and I can't drag a recorded audio wav from my timeline onto the NI Kontakt window still, using an explorer is quite a long winded way to do it I have to try and find the sample ive just recorded.

    I'm using cubase 12 Kontakt 7

    any suggestions? is this a cubase or NI issue?

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