Where is the third party plugins page?

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Can't find this page that was on the old forum

Regards Chris


  • Blindeddie
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    Appears it was not added here, there are several “Categories” that have not been added, like a specific category for Battery…

  • Paule
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    edited January 2022

    Mayhaps, it's the same like this

    audioplugindeals wrote:

    Where do we post announcements for third-party Kontakt library promos?

    Matt answered:

    I'm sorry to say but we did not create a category for this. We noticed that advertising content on the old forum did not create any engagement and in order to avoid this community to be cluttered with 3rd party advertising, we thought it would be best to avoid it altogether.


  • Matt_NI
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    Just curious, are you interested in promoting a plugin or see what would be on that page?

    The 3rd party plug-in section of the old forum was one of the lowest engaged part and we didn't feel there was a ton of value to bring it back here.

  • chris_t46
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    I always liked that page its a shame it's gone.

    Regards Chris

  • Waverley Instruments
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    I liked that page too, but that's probably because I'm a 3rd-party developer 😁

    @Matt_NI - on a more serious note, by "engaged" do you mean replies and / or post views?

    Product and update announcements typically aren't going to generate massive discussion threads, but they still might be of interest within the NI ecosystem?

    And on a personal level, many of us small indie developers need all the help we can getting the word out! 😉

    With regard to "cluttering", perhaps it's worth distinguishing between the actual developers and distributors / resellers. I think weekly special deals roundups and that sort of thing is going to be of interest. But... you're going to see 52 of those per vendor every year. A typical 3rd party developer is going to do 2 or 3 update announcements per year.

    Finally, if the 3rd party uses Native Access for distribution, you could even automate the notification when there's an update.

    But like I say, I'm biassed 😝

  • Matt_NI
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    Both actually, we looked at replies and views. You can check on the page here and see that engagement is very very low (both replies and views): https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/forums/third-party-sample-libraries.167/

    One of the problem the old forum had was we tried to do too much and create spaces for everybody. As a principle it makes sense but unfortunately, it makes the space more cluttered and the content more diluted which in turns results to poor participation and engagement.

    I'd be happy to revisit the topic once we're a bit more settled in and see what we can do to bring more eyes on the work of independent developers. I have a few ideas that could be more engaging that a list of threads advertising new releases.

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