JUCE is the other shoe to drop

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Welp... with the news about Soundwide out in the open.

We can assume more about where things were heading when NI and iZotope joined forces.

Guessing the underlying code base for things going forward will be embracing JUCE as much as possible.



  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 1,245 Guru

    So.... JUCE started as an outgrowth of Tracktion...

    And JUCE is part of today's announcement of the Soundwide partnership...

    And perhaps Soundwide would like a proper DAW in their portfolio?


  • mezzurias
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    I don't think NI will buy Tracktion if that's what you are getting at. There are better options out there imo if they really wanted to buy their way into the DAW market.

    What I'm hoping with the Sound Stacks team is that this will accelerate releases going forward instead of having to wait almost 8 years for VST3 support and almost 2 years for native M1 support.

  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 1,245 Guru

    Well yes.. first and foremost I hope that the Sound Stacks team will help these companies speed up paying off the "technical debt" in their code.

    And if a DAW happens to become part of the Soundwide family... other DAWs besides Tracktion Waveform would certainly bring in more immediate uses.... BUT... Waveform would let them have more of a clean slate to build out their own vision.

  • Olihop
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    For my part, I do not necessarily expect a new DAW but rather a real evolution of maschine with the integration of a majority of the user requests published these last years and a more complete and intuitive interaction between the software and the hardware.

  • Tony Jones
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    Not only is the DAW market crowded (and therefore a challenger is overdue with a paradigm shift) but Behringer is bringing out a free DAW with plugins, so expect a lot of interest in that when it arrives.

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