Paid or free samples - which do you use

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I was just interested to know what you folks here use to get the best possible drum sounds for your arrangements, paid or free. I guess one would think that's a no brainer and paid is always going to be better. But in my limited experience with other instruments that hasn't always been the case.

Secondly what would be your recommendations for acoustic kits and percussion. By and large I create unplugged arrangements like the Eric Clapton unplugged sound, so brushed kits etc often damped also. Things that would work well with double bass acoustic guitar etc.


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    That really depends what you're looking for.

    You can find very good free sample packs for everything. Paid ones are just easier to find 😅

    Our platform is full of samples from every genre, alongside expansions for Maschine and more. I'd recommend having a look there.

    Splice is also a quite straightforward way to get your hands on relatively good quality samples for a rather small amount of money.

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    Thank Nico, will check it out

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    I really wouldn't say one is better than the other, also because in many cases it won't be the sample itself but the way it's being used which will make the difference.

    The right timing, the right sound effects, the right mix, etc. I basically fully rely on Maschine / Komplete, though I have some pretty cool free sample collections as well (raw samples). The only problem: the time required to set it all up vs. the plug and play nature of the Maschine.

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    For acoustic drums I have always used Toon Tracks EZDrummer as the kits are just soooo nice sounding. Their electronic kits, not so much, I use Battery and the factory samples for most of it. I find all that is usually needed is just some different EQ and maybe a swap out of a snare or kick here and there, I tend to approach it like a drummer has his own kit and just changes some elements here and there, the rest is EQ and stuff.

    As for samples, I ahve well over 20GB+ of drums and kits and such, heaps I got years ago from Samples From Mars in some insane huge bundle I have basically never used. i'm too lazy to pick through samples, I prefer to load a kit these days and be done with it.

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    Well, I don't really use the samples in general, whether they are paid or free, but I do listen to them a little bit to get the inspiration so that I can cook up new beats, melodies and riffs.

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