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SSL big six mixer - will it work with Traktor?

Hi all, I’m thinking i might be able to replace both my Rane 2015 and my Clarret with a B6.

im assuming (maybe wrongly) that I will just be able to choose the B6 interface channels in Traktor config and it will work, but not entirely sure what constitutes a ‘Traktor certified’ mixer and whether there is more to it.

had anybody tried to use Tracktor with a B6 or have any knowledge as to whether it will or will not work?

regards , Martin


  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI Administrator Posts: 1,137 admin

    Hey Martin, the B6 is a mixing console. It is designed to be a production mixing desk, not a DJ mixer.

    I've never seen anyone DJing with such thing. The Traktor features won't work on it.

  • mrkeeny
    mrkeeny Member Posts: 4 Sine

    I know it’s not a dj mixer. I intend to use it for other things as well - presuming it works.

    it’s also a usb audio interface, so was thinking I could use Traktor in external mixer mode and just send the audio from Traktor to the device and use the mixer functionality.

  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI Administrator Posts: 1,137 admin

    Well, technically it should be possible. But regarding mixing comfort and efficiency, I'm having doubts.

    Let us know how it turns out in case you try, there's always a place for experimentation 😉

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