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I'd like to purchase a second-hand "Komplete 12 Standard" from someone living in the US, and I live in Europe. Is it possible to transfer the license without the seller sending me the box and hard-disk? Will I be able to download my products from the NI app after the license has been transferred?

Thank you in advance for your help


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    No worry, you do not need installation media. Everything may be downloaded using Native Access application.

    The only thing you need from seller is Licence Transfer code if he has used the licence (most probable), or Licence Number if the Licence has not been used at all (unprobable).

    Be carefull, Licence Number is of no value for you if it has previously been registered to a user. You could not use that Licence Number....

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    Thanks a lot for your fast answer! Yes I'll be careful, I've seen there is a precedure on the NI website for that, I'll check that again in detail to know exactly what I'm doing.

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