Erase project bug

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edited April 2022 in Maschine

With m+ in standalone,if i go to a project in the user folder,and push "erase" to delete it, i first get "this item will be removed from your library and permanently deleted" i push "delete" (button 8) and i get "the selected item could not be removed (write protected)" i push ok. The project is still there. And i did try a rescan to see if it would disappear, but it didn´t. Now when i press erase again, i get again "this item will be removed from your library and permanently deleted". I push delete...and the project is erased! So i have to do the erase procedure twice,before it works! Could someone try it to see if they get the same response. If then this is a (maybe known) bug.

And yes my card is not write protected,otherwise i couldn´t save other stuff,or delete it the second time. Haven´t tried to erase other stuff,will try later.

On a side note,is it possible to set a template for m+ standalone? Now i save a template and open that one,and make a (save) copy immediatly.



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