concerning kontrol s61 mk3

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hello, i'll interested in kontrol s61 mk3 mostly for the keybed it has, planning to buy after a month or two, but not much satisfied because the cases happen to others where it's main board got bricked while trying to update .. after few months is it still a nightmare setting up the keyboard or thing has changed to better? i didn't look at the arturia and novation and korg as i have no chance to try the keybeds (the action and the profile of the black keys) .. and not sure if arturia and novation will release new ones within the upcoming few months and what keybeds the will use, however i've tried on other keyboards the fatar tp/9s, i'm well satisfied with it's action the the profile of the black keys .. i have to get the kontrol s61 imported and will cost me, and don't want it to get bricked as it will be near impossible to return back


  • Matthew_NI
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    Last week, an update to the firmware resolved an issue that in rare cases caused units to brick during update. Any non-bricked unit now avoids running into this issue, as the firmware fixed that bug.

  • wma
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    @Matthew_NI thanks you for response .. that's good news

  • Uwe303
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    I have a S49 MK3 and on my windows system everything worked perfectly, the keys are very good in my opinion, and the whole device feels awesome, the knobs and wheels are made out of metal or at least feel so. I only wish it had a better, deeper DAW integration but the mix controls you have is very handy.

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