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I teach Kontakt by using Factory Library 1, in which the instruments are simple enough to show the basic workings of the App without encountering or using scripting - that comes later. Everything in Library 2 is too complex to perform straightforward edits to instruments to learn how the various pages work. My problem is that since the introduction of Kontakt 7 and Library 2, my students do not (and cannot) get licenses for Factory Library 1 when they purchase Kontakt (they generally do that through Komplete). Is there something that they can do to get licenses for Library 1 (I can use the Selection Library for simpler instruments, but I do this in a class about making orchestral mockups, and there are no orchestral instruments in the Selection Library).

I'm looking for a solution to this problem, and I am certain I am not the only one who can't understand why access to Library 1 has been discontinued. I have a link (from this discussion board) to download the full Library 1, but have discovered that they cannot open and edit the instruments in Kontakt 7 - the instruments run in demo mode, and don't show the wrench, or if they do , the wrench opens the instrument but shows nothing inside. Is there a simple way to get Library 1 to actually work in Kontakt 7 in non-demo mode (so that we can look inside of instruments, make edits, and save them)? The students all have valid new Kontakt licenses, they simply do not have Factory Library 1 licenses. How can they get Library 1 licenses? There is no reason that I can see for them to NOT have licenses to this original library. This is a real problem with NI's present approach, and I hope that someone from the company is looking at this forum.

Thanks everyone!

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