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I just got the Maschine plus and kompleat control s61. I already was using my mascine studio and older complete s 61.

I connected all the hardware to my Mac book m1 running 11.6 Big Sur iOs

I got mt Maschine plus to register but its not connecting to my Mac as a controller the S61 showed its registered in my account but on the device its self its still stuck on the page showing and asking for me too add serial number in native access witch I've already done.

1 Why is my complete control not registering

second why is my Machine plus not connected correctly

most importantly the F@#$. NTK Has full disk access to my pc I can't fine how or where to add the NIHardware Agent that is un selectable in my security and privacy files and folders but in full access the dam NTK Daemon app is checked.

This bull ****** takes ****** days to resolve I need help. Either the instructions did not help or I couldn't locate NIHardware agent to do it witch is very confusing ******. I so ****** pissed off I'm problem going to return all this bull ****** and go back to a Mac this ****** is to ****** long to resolve and NI is nit ****** help have to send a ****** email just for some dumb ass to send instructions that don't resolve shift I need actual customer support someone to go in to my account and my systems to find out why the hell wring an fix the ******.


  • mykejb
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    The OS specs for the MK3 keyboards are "macOS 13 (Ventura) or higher (compatible with macOS 12 in MIDI 1.0 mode)". If you're running Big Sur that might be the problem.

    -- Mike

  • reffahcs
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    Did you place your Maschine+ in controller mode?

  • Dawud
    Dawud Member Posts: 28 Member

    yup got it sorted out mostly. Don't know the reasoning behind making the new MK3 keyboards not fully compatible with NI machine DAW and the machine plus not compatible with komplete control.

  • Dawud
    Dawud Member Posts: 28 Member

    yup that OS was the issue but i Asked NI support that when I first created a help ticket but that went un answered for several day's

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