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Since this section calls "social club" I assume this question is permitted even when there´s no direct relation to NI products. If not, just delete it...

Has anyone gained experience in using an iPad/iPad Pro with an external display? Are there limitations? Is it possible to add additional devices then (e.g. num pad) by using a hub?



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    Pretty random thread indeed. I would probably have put it on a MacForum or in the Tech Talk category.

    At any rate, i do it all the time. Apple sells an overpriced AV connector for this but you can find many alternatives on Amazon with HDMI (if necessary for your display) and any configuration of additional ports you may need. I use this one:

    USB C HUB for iPad Pro 9-in-1... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0915B3NPY?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

    Limitations? sure. It only mirrors what’s on iPad so you can’t use it to multitask and slide other open apps over to the external which is a pretty big bummer. For now, it’s great for graphic applications, watching movies, editing photo/video or if you just want a bigger screen for whatever you’re doing on iPad.

    There is an app called Duet that will allow you to use iPad as an external display for your Mac which I find exponentially more useful. It’s a pretty bad a55 app imo developed by former Apple Engineers.

    Find it on sale 50% off now for a limited time here:


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    Sorry for my LATE reply. I wasn´t online the recent months. Thank you for helping ;-).

    Finally, my wife decided to use a MacBook Air instead of an iPad (home office purposes). Overall, this is a more suitable solution.

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