Native Access downloads are slow in 2024

swan jay
swan jay Member Posts: 4 Member

Native Access is downloading so slow and its 2024 and you guys have still not fixed a 2020 problem for down loads in the USA... Really ??????


  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,862 Pro


    How slow?

    Do your downloads have 1 MB per second?

    Please elaborate the issue, good sir.

  • Bryn Owen
    Bryn Owen Member Posts: 18 Member

    I generally do not have speed issues with Native Access, but I am currently having this problem with an update to "Fables" which takes all day, then gets almost to the end and stops with an error. I just updated other instruments, and the disk has a ton of free space, so I suspect there is some issue with Fables specifically. Knowledge base says to check your network, and disable VPN and proxies, but none of that makes any sense when all the other updates work fine. Anyone else failing on Fables?? Thank you.

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