MK3 Keyboard “grabbing” Kontakt 7 instance in VEP rather than Cubase

FilmCompos3r Member Posts: 12 Member

I run Vienna Ensemble Pro on my machine locally alongside Cubase.

My KK Mk3 seems to snag a random instance of Kontakt 7 within VEP to control IF it's not linked up to Komplete Kontrol Wrapper in my DAW. For those who aren't aware, the new MK3's can control Kontakt directly, but apparently with VEP running it "sees" Kontakt 7's presence in VEP before it detects it in the DAW.

To make it more strange, the midi keybed still controls the selected instrument in the DAW, but the browser and integrated controls are linked up to the random K7 instance in VEP.

All midi ports are disabled within VEP. The software seems to find Kontakt 7 anyway.

how can I stop this from happening?

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