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i always have problemsusing the komplete audio6 interface after hibernation of macOS (Catalina and Big Sure) it does not reconnect and makes problems with youtube starting again. If have two of them because i like them with its low latency. In order to get it to work, have to connect the usb slot again. This is not fun 2 or 3 times a day and restarting youtube.

What can i do. There is no driver for macOS, isn't it?


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    Hey @lwpweb Have you checked this article? Mac Tuning Tips for Audio Processing

    There's a section dedicated to sleep mode where we mention the following:

    If you are normally using the Sleep Mode (e.g. closing the lid of your Macbook) instead of powering down the computer, we recommend rebooting the system prior to playing with any audio applications.

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    Yes there are Problems with sleep Mode , but more in conjuction with Ableton
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    i do not want to catch up with studying workarounds. The Basic question, is NI working on dedicated Driver, like Pioneer has it for its usb audio mixers (DJM) ready to go.
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