maschine changes project upon loading

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whenever i load whatever project, after a few seconds, machine indicates it with a * as modified, although i didn't do anything to it. The undo stack is empty. Apparently the software is accidentally mofifying my project. I want to be 100 % sure, that maschine does nothing when i do nothing. So, what kind of modification is the software doing? I'd like to avoid the annoying save/discard prompt when i load another project.


  • tetsuneko
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    Just guessing here, but perhaps these projects were created with earlier versions of Maschine? Perhaps the app is adding something to the project file data immediately after opening. If so, these changes will result in the project file getting updated to the latest Maschine version if you save it

  • bodoblockmann
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    it happens even to my own fresh projects

  • bodoblockmann
    bodoblockmann Member Posts: 8 Member

    The problem seems related to the hardware controller type. with my Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2, i don't experience the problem, but with my Maschine Mikro MK3 i do.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @bodoblockmann So, this is not happening without the Mikro MK3 plugged in? What's your operating system?

    Can you check the MIDI activity of the Mikro MK3? In case there is unwanted MIDI activity, even when you are not touching the controller? How to Monitor the Input of a MIDI Controller

  • D-One
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    When you say "I dont do anything" is that literal?

    If you just press a Pad and therefore select it that counts as a change even tho it's not added to the Undo stack, little things like that are actual changes.

    If there's some kind of error message like a missing plugin that will also trigger a 'change'.

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