Maschine MKIII backordered

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I ordered my Maschine during a sale in December 2023 and it has been on backorder ever since. Even though several online locations other than Guitar Center show them in stock, Guitar Center swears they have been on backorder for a while. They keep moving the date further out each time I inquire. Any idea why they are backordered since I see nothing on the NI webpages about there being a supply issue?



  • D-One
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    If I had to guess the end of the year sales/discounts probably emptied the stock.

    Believers will say it's "BeCaUse a mAsChIne mk4 is about to be released".

    I'd find a local store with it in stock and cancel the online order tbh

  • tetsuneko
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    Still, it might indicate some sort of refresh is coming.. interesting!

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