How to play (via Maschine pads) and rec EZDrummer 3 kits/sounds directly in Ableton Live Clips

Mandy Wata
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Hello, i would know how to configure Maschine MKIII and Ableton Live tracks in order to :

  • Play EZ Drummer 3 Kits via Maschine MKIII pads.
  • Record EZ Drummer Sounds directly in Ableton Clips , while playing via Maschine Pads.

Actually , i use this configuration to play and rec Mashine MKIII Drums Kits.

To play my EZ Drummer Kits via Maschine MKIII pads , i can use this configuration , but then , i can't rec directly in Ableton Clips as the Dest. Knob can't stand on : Host. The second midi Maschine Track in ableton does not get midi message .

Does it exist any configuration in Live for recording directly in clips EZ Drummer kit played via Maschine Pads ?

I also try to configure all my EZ Drummer Kits ( Drums and Percu ) thanks to midi via Maschine MKIII control editor software .

I have different Pad page registered , i can play my midi pads in EZ drummer softare, but i don't know how to play EZ drummer via Maschine MKIII as a simple Midi controller, in Ableton Live ( EZ Drummer 3 plug in version)

My EZ Drummer configuration. ( actually , i can only use my Novation Launchpad mk III to trigger pads and play my EZ Drummer Kits. ) If i can do it with this, i do can do it with Maschine MKIII midi controller.

Thank you for your answers , i need help !

Mandy Wata


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    Well... Pad-2 is sending MIDI to Channel-2 but you Ableton MIDI track is receiving MIDI in Channel-1, the Ableton track cannot record something that it is not receiving...

    1 - Either you right-click the Group in Maschine and select "Group MIDI Batch Convert"> "Sounds to MIDI Notes" so all Pads use the same channel (1) and differentiate Pad triggering based on Notes...


    2 - You need to create 15 extra DAW MIDI tracks for all the other channels that the Maschine-Plug Pads are using.

    The first option is better for most people when the purpose is drums or one-shots, you get everything consolidated in a single MIDI track in the DAW, but some people do preffer to have a MIDI track for each drum set piece (One for kick, another for snare, hit hat, etc...)

    In Maschine Group MIDI settings you need to use Manual Mode and Transpose the start note to C3 depending on which octave EZ Drums expects MIDi to be on.

    If you're confused zip your template and upload here.

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