Blocked at "Loading products" page Bug // SOLVED but can be optimised

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Hello, i bought the Komplete Collectors database with the idea of having the best diversity of sound on my computer. Unfortunately, the SSD intern memory of my Mac Studio was not enough to stock all the libraries. So i have downloaded little by little the library on my intern memory and put them on an external SSD disk. I use the function repair to relocate the libraries on the external SSD disk. I am doing that for 2 days now. I downloaded 3/4 of the Komplete Collector library so more than a terabyte.

I am so frustrated because today i have restarted my computer for its health and now i have problems to access to the main page of Native Access where i can download and relocate the libraries. The native access window stays with the message "Loading Products".

When i use Kontakt on Logic Pro i can continue to use my libraries installed on my external SSD Disk. So normally the relocation of the database is understood by Native Instrument.

I am totally blocked and exhausted. Someone can help me please ?


I restarted Native Instrument a last time after having wrote this post and it works again xD

Seriously there must be a problem of charging page because i lost 1 hour on this problem. And i launch again and again Native £Instrument almost twenty times.

But now i am happy and i can sink again in my work and music. So happy :) Everything works !


  • johnnskllz
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    Mine does the same with reaktor player blocks,getting that NA window saying loading for hours,was going to upgrade as well,no chance until someone somewhere can tell us how to fix it,anything I downloaded to try free in Reaktor as a vst in Reason 12 gets that or the cannot find blocks error message even though its in the correct folder.just about had enough of it and no chance of upgrading.
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