A tip for quick-swapping maschine controllers between multiple computers

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first of all this uses the virtualhere software it is not free... but there is a trial where you can test it out for "only one" of your maschine controllers

basically this software works so long as the driver on both computers has been installed and the maschine hardware is already working on each computer you are intending on swapping between.

install the virtualhere server on one computer... and the virtualhere client on the other...double click on the client side for your maschine device to swap between the computers

double-click again to disable it and it will return control back to the original server computer

full version of virtualhere server allows you to swap multiple USB devices between computers

mouse/keyboard/usbsticks/external ssd's/printers etc etc

very useful.... multiple clients can be used, but only a single access at a time per usb device

I swapped the maschine controllers from Mac over to the PC


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    What the heck? Interesting... Does it add latency? Is it possible to check how much?

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    I don't notice any latency... but there would be a couple of milliseconds barely noticeable...

    I had purchased the virtualhere server to swap external drives between computers instead of unplugging etc

    but with external 2.5 drives, trouble is one never knows if any corruption takes place when the swapping takes place... so I've avoided using it with 4tb drives far too many files to lose...

    all good for smaller 256gb drives for quick accessing across computers

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    I must point out, with machine controllers you are only dealing with the usb device.. which is only sending midi... the maschine software needs to be on the client computer to make use of it....

    probably useful for people who have S88 komplete keyboards who want a quick swapping mechanism, which can be activated by a shortcut key.

    best to experiment with the free server that provides a single connection to test out its worth... becos the server becomes tied to a single computer and cannot be transferred... so some thought needs to go into which computer you wish to have the server on

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