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    Personally when I purchased a M1 I knew that I had to be patient and not hoping to have everything compatible as of year one … and slowly but surely Ableton , studio one , uhe, arturia all these good stuff are gradually maturing . Now I can spend more and more full sessions in native mode. And when not possible switching to Rosetta is not a big issue… This weekend I sold my Maschine MK3, and will see for my KK suite and keyboard . Not whining..simply sticking to the ones that provide me tools ..

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    I said time ago that NI wasn’t aware of what Apple Silicon shift could mean. I even reached NI with my concerns (and some links to translation tools into new Silicon). Also wrote my concerns related to how underpowered M+ born at the old forum.

    The answer on software was “Don’t worry about deadlines, we are on it”.

    The answer on forums about M+ was also “It could handle what was designed for”.

    Maybe NI was more aware than I wondered but also maybe all the business beaurecracy make things a bit more slow than most users will want. So I wished the best and hope for NI getting it ready on the correct time frame.

    Are we still on that sweet spot?

    Ask yourself if you can work with actual proposal or wait until something arises… or consider switching to another solution (if available) that fits better your needs. Anything else is just screaming in the desert… communication team is working to fill the gaps/lacks in communication field but obviously they can’t disclose roadmaps so users get worried about their money investment.

    So we have new forum (just starting to get movement) and these concerns arise once again… now “news”, “statements” and “releases” should arrive to keep (or get back) brand trust.

    Let’s hope these arrive soon and are relevant to user expectation. If someone wants to help make them happen, better start a topic with “what do you need or expect”. That could help the marketing team to improve their product roadmap probably.


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    Hey folks,

    We appreciate the discussion but we already have a thread about this topic open. Please avoid creating duplicate conversation as it makes this place a bit more cluttered and also prevent us from really seeing how many are concerned about a specific topic. Additionally, we can drop update more easily when everything is centralized into one spot.

    We understand M1 / Apple Silicon is of huge interest to a lot of you and I will really encourage everyone to stick to this thread here:

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