No updates anymore?

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since some weeks I do not get any updates offered in my native access dashboard for my instruments or expansions or whatever. Is this normal? In the beginning I got updates offered nearly every two or three days for one of my products. Is there something wrong?

Thanks for a hint & regards



  • Milos
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    It is.

    For some products, it can take from 1 to 2 weeks.

    For other products such as instruments, it can take months, or even years...

    Speaking from experience.

    I always got at least 2 updates for Komplete Kontrol and Kontakt software, but for each 2-3 months I got one update for either an instrument or any other software (such as GR).

    It is nothing bad, don't worry!

    Have a great day, good sir!

  • NiederMusic
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    ok thanks! I still think, it is a little bit mysterious. So often updates and then nothing at all. But I simply will practice patience….😀

    have a good time!


  • Milos
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    Another reason is probably because of this post-maintenance thing NI has at the moment

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    Cynical/realist interpretation: NI has never been good with updates. I think the recent push was to support the launch of their MK3 keyboards, but now that it has been out for a while imo NI will not be as active per the usual history. This is why many of us were upset at all the features left out of the MK3 keyboards such as MIDI templates. NI promised they would be coming in a future update, but most long-time customers knew it would either never be delivered or be delivered with lesser or useless functionality. NI is simply not as productive as other hardware or software manufacturers, such as Akai or Roland. Akai constantly introduces new features for multiple devices like last week when they introduced stem separation for the MPC line (direct competitor to Maschine). Roland eecently launched Galaxias, which is a direct competitor to Komplete Kontrol & Kontakt and runs basically their whole back catalog of synths and workstations. NI never does stuff like that and instead seems always to be back footed just to keep their software working on new OSs. I think NI glory days are behind it tbh. Roland could really take the entire market share if Galaxias is further integrated into their hardware and expanded midi control, which I would say is 100% likely over the next few years.

    I have considered setting up my 2011 Imac to run their software standalone on a prior version of KK since it was way more stable than the new version. The problem with software instruments & plug-ins is that they really aren’t immune from obsolescence if not consistently maintained, and Komplete is a great example of this.

    Optimistic interpretation: NAAM is this weekend, and NI is preparing to launch many new products and updates to coincide with the conference. I am skeptical hippo on this, but would love to see it.

  • Kubrak
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    There were updates because of NKS2, I guess. Even things that has not been touched for years had update recently....

    As already mentioned, for most NI stuff, not many updates. And even the most evolving ones, one update in several months....

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    And let's not forget all the Fall-Winter 2023 Kontakt-centric updates that required a lot of libraries to require K7.6.x


  • NiederMusic
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    Thank you all for your opinions. Had two updates for Kontakt Player und Komplete Kontrol today. So it seems going on...🤗

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