Maschine+ with a DJ Mixer?

Chevy R
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Hey All,

I've been trying to sort out a live set with the Maschine Plus as the brain/sequencer.

Has anyone used the Plus in conjunction with a class compliant DJ mixer?

Ideally I'd like the Plus to trigger; samples, drums and my external gear (TB-03 and JU-06A). The vision is to use the mixer as an interface to route audio back into the Maschine for FX and then route audio back through the mixer for mixing.

I've found several "class compliant" mixers but they are either too vague on the I/O capabilities/routing or they just function as a single stereo output.

Any ideas/insights would be greatly appreciated.



  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 845 Guru

    Why not just route things analogue? I use my M+ alongside a Pioneer controller/mixer, with the M+ outputs feeding a spare mixer channel.

    The inputs of my M+ are used for routing a mic in via a Roland VT-4, but it's feasible to route an aux send to it instead.

  • D-One
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    I have a class-compliant DJ mixer, DJM S7, the M+ does not recognize it at all... The same goes for many regular non-mixer audio interfaces.

    So, please do not buy any mixer before testing or getting confirmation from someone.

    Also, you would need a mixer with AUX Send/Return features, which is not very common in this age of controllers/DVS.

  • Chevy R
    Chevy R Member Posts: 3 Member

    Yeah, this is what I'm starting to realize. The idea was sparked when I saw a video on YT where someone was using the Tascam Model 12 this way with the M+

    Hence why I threw it up in the Forum, before getting invested into a DJ mixer that won't meet my needs.

    @PK The DJ are you routing the outputs from M+ in mono? I'll do some more research and maybe coordinate with the music store here to see if I could test out the proposed configuration before hand.

    Thanks for the insight from both of you!

  • PK The DJ
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    No, stereo out from M+ to RCA line inputs of my Pioneer kit.

    You mention DJ mixers, but are you actually going to be DJing?

    If it's just the Roland kit and the Maschine+ then maybe look at a studio mixer. They're much more likely to have send/return and multiple stereo channels are quite common now too.

  • tetsuneko
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    I have analog DJ mixer with an fx loop, but have never thought of using it with Maschine+. Then again, not considering gigging with M+ any time soon (unless I get a second one 😹)

  • Chevy R
    Chevy R Member Posts: 3 Member

    The grand vision is to use M+ to craft unique loops or combinations of existing loops live to create something unique on the fly. Then use the Sampler in Loop mode to capture it.

    Have the "Live loop" group in M+ routed to one side of the mixer, have it playing while cueing/launching new elements and phrases then blending with crossfader.

    Again, it's the cursory level of an idea. Part of asking the community is to see if it were even practical/possible or if there are better ways to accomplish the same thing.

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