Instrument is loaded, but no recording possible...

alan9990 Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

hi all,

not sure if this is a Kontakt issue or something to do with the instrument loaded. It might even be my DAW. But I'll post here first just in case.

I use the free Kontakt Player. All works fine, and is fully supported in my DAW. I recently purchased the Session Percussionist, which states that it works fine with boththe free player as well as full version Kontakt.

My issue is that when I have Session Percussionist loaded up, the manual states that I can use its "record" button to not only start recording output, but that this syncs the loaded pattern with the DAW's tempo.

I absolutely cannot for the life of me make the 'record' button activate. I've restarted, I've tried opening a new, clean project for testing. Nothing works.

Does anyone happen to know if this recording button is locked behind the full Kontakt player? Or is it any known issue or bug? While SP looks like a great package, it's mostly useless if I can't sync the patterns to my DAW.


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