Update Traktor Pro 3 (3.11) - Issue with the faders on my S4 MK3

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Hello everyone,

So first of all I am happy to be part of this forum. It's the first time a create a post.

So here we go... My setup is a bit strange now but will change in the future.

I am using my S4 MK3 with an external Allen & Heath Xone 96 mixer.

In this way I can use the sound quality and the filter of the Xone 96, with the effects and the physical touch of the S4 MK3. I activated the EQ, effects and everything in the internal mixer so I can use the EQ on both side ( S4 and Xone)... that's really cool cause until the update I could use the reverb on the mixer effects and use the faders of the S4 to fade out the effects on a transition for example or a drop... as the mixer effect are post faders then you can hear the reverb lasting a few seconds while the fader is down.

With the new update (3.11), the faders on my S4 mk3 don't respond anymore,,, so I cannot use my reverb and other mixer effects as usual... cause if I use the mixer effects on the S4 and put down the Xone fader ...the mixer effects goes directly away with track

I hope I am clear enough... it's not so easy to explain

I would love to attached link of video but I cannot... any ideas?

If an NI expert could help me? If it is only related to the update, I would love the NI team to reactivate this option cause it's very useful.

Thanks for your help.


  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member, Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,495 mod

    Post a screenshot of your mixer settings (Preferences - Mixer).

  • lord-carlos
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    Nice gear :) Horrible setup :( And I'm envious ;-)

    With the new update (3.11), the faders on my S4 mk3 don't respond anymore

    Make sure you are still in internal mixing mode in the "output routing" settings.

    Also there seems to be a few bugs in 3.11. Traktor always does a backup of the previous version. You can start that one up without much fuzz to see if it works again. But first check the settings.

  • Stevan
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    Hey you posted this on Djtt support along with videos right?

    Indeed 3.10 is different.

    Thing is, in 3.10 one is able to adjust the volume with S4 faders even when external mixer mode is selected.

    And in 3.11 that doesn't work anymore. I call it a bug fix since you are not supposed to be able to control external mixer by internal mixer controls - even though it sounded cool with effects.

  • Ajnayan
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    Thanks to all for your answer.

    Here are 2 screenshots.

    Version 3.10

    Version 3.11

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,053 Expert

    Are you running internal or external mixing mode? You can see it under "output routing"

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