Audio playback via laptop and preview via headphones on the mixer

Heiri Arnold
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Can someone tell me how I have to do this? I would like to play the audio through the speakers on the laptop and listen to the music through the headphones on my mixer. I connected my laptop to my Traktor S4 MK3. could it be that I need to download some app? If so, I would like to know how it works and what exactly I have to do.

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  • mykejb
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    You can only use one interface with Traktor so using internal speakers and headphones connected to an external mixer won't work out of the box. What mixer are you using? Can you connect a set of speakers and the phones to the S4? That's the easiest way. You can fudge it with something like ASIO4ALL or Voicemeeter but they're messy.

    -- Mike

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    What mykejb said. Best bet is to connect speakers to the s4.

    But yes, on windows you can use ASIO4all.

    And on mac you can do an aggregated audio device.

    Both of these combine two hardware audio devices into one virtual. You then select that virtual one in traktor and do the routing as needed.

  • Heiri Arnold
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    how do I set it up for voicemeeter?
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