Can't connect IPad Pro to S2mk3, pls help.

Hallo there,

i just bought an IPad Pro 6th gen. and want to connect it to my S2mk3.

My S2mk3 always worked fine throught the last years using it with a PC or Laptop.

The S2mk3 "Lights up" for about 2 sec when i plug in the powercabel, that you need to connect it to your ipad. After that the lights turn off and nothing happens.

Im using the Traktor DJ 2 App from the Appstore.

What do i need to do, in order to Play with the S2mk3 using my IPad.

Best regards MuityFrango


  • LostInFoundation
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    The cable going from the iPad port won’t be enough.

    You need to plug the S2 also to a power source (with the power adapter or through the USB B port)

    or…since your iPad has an USB C port, you can try to plug it directly to the USB B port of the S2 (USB C delivers enough power for many controllers). It could be working, if the iPad get recognized (be aware that the battery of your iPad serving both the iPad and the S2 won’t last long in any case). If you already have an USB B to USB C cable hanging around, worth a try

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