Hack for polyphony in Session Strings 2? SOLVED

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Before hitting "send", I tested all with the Kontakt 6 player: everything is OK - so it has to be a problem with Kontakt 7...

Hi folks,

I just acquired Komplete and was curious about the strings.

Unfortunately you can play in normal mode (see screenshot) only 2 voices at the same time on one track before the 3rd or 4th is swallowed.

A workaround would be to split all the voices to different tracks, what means multiple instances of SS2 open at the same time. I'm on an Apple M2 so I guess there would be enough headroom of RAM, when no exaggerating.

Strangely, when in "Smart Voice Split" Mode, there are more possible voices than in normal mode. Why?

I tweaked around with the RAM eg. resonance settings in the preferences, but to no avail.

Do you experience the same limitations


Is this a bug from SS2? Is "Pro" better or do you prefer libraries like "BBC Spitfire" or "VSL Vienna" for strings?

I would appreciate your hints!

Thank you in advance!


My setup is:


Logic 10.7.9

Kontakt 7

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