Refund Requested - no response so far

joelfriedman Member Posts: 6 Member


I upgraded to Komplete 14 back on 12/22/23. All fine. I had a voucher and wanted to use it to purchase Ireland before it expired on 1/15/24. When I added Ireland my purchase would not finish and allow me to pay. I tried a number of times, no go. At the bottom was a check box for Komplete and I checked that and then it finally allowed me to enter my payment info and check out. Well, it sold me ANOTHER full priced copy of K14. I have been trying to contact NI since, multiple times, and to no avail. I only want Ireland, I do NOT need a 2nd copy of K14 and I would like a refund. Whether this was a website glitch or my error doesn't matter. It's clear I don't need 2 copies and want a refund. Can we please resolve this? It's been a week.

Thank you.


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