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I've been loving pretty much everything Native Instruments does. I started with Maschine and then started Djing on the Traktor Kontrol s3. Now I have the s4.

As a somewhat newer DJ that is now getting booked for events I am asked all the time to use Pioneers CDJs.

Personally, I don't want to because I like Traktor and I like Native Instruments.

I'm also not interested in spending over $8,000 for an overpriced hardware just to learn how to use them, once in awhile.

If I were buy CDJs to perform at a small club and someone spilled a drink on my decks (or they get damaged other ways) I am out a lot of money. Even if I had insurance I could be down weeks or months waiting for a replacement as Sweetwater is always on backorder.

I would love to see Native Instruments step it up and create a new controller that could keep up with Pioneer, for half the cost...

The three major important features would be that it could run standalone, which would require a touch screen for each deck. In addition it would be capable of someone using a USB stick. Ability to run a minimum of four decks.

It can be multiple pieces like CDJs, it doesn't have to be all in one...

If Native Instruments could do this I feel they could swoop a huge chunk of the market. I would buy in.


  • lord-carlos
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    You can get a used DDJ-400 to get familiar with rekordbox. The layout is similar to the CDJ club ~standard~. Tons of people use that to get started in that ecosystem.

    Even if you buy the whole CDJ + pioneer mixer, you don't take that in the club with you. It's there, that is why they ask you to play on it. So they don't have to spend time to set up something just for you.

    If they allow you to set up your own CDJ setup, they probably would also allow you to setup a traktor setup.

    And if you regularly use your gear in the club, I would get a insurance for those cases.

  • JerBear
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    That's not really what I'm shooting for. Again I would like to avoid using CDJs. There's things about Traktor Pro that are better, plus the ability to sync with Maschine...

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