Anyone fix the "close Kontrol UI window and it instantly crashes your DAW" bug yet?

Zoopy604 Member Posts: 2 Member

I have 7 days to return my new s49 mkIII and I think I've hit my limit for troubleshooting this.

Ableton 11.3.2, 11.3.1, 12 Beta (latest)

Windows 10 (latest)

Motu M4

Kontakt 6.8

Crashes regardless of what plugin is loaded into Kontrol though.

Exception code: 0xc0000005 in Event Viewer.

Tried reinstalling Kontrol, Kontakt, all my NI instruments really. Updated audio drivers, windows, tried uninstalling everything except certain plugins, tried 3rd party, NI instruments. Tried it with the keyboard plugged in, unplugged, updated the firmware of the s49 mk3 as soon as I got it. Tried it with the audio interface off, unplugged, using different drivers, using non-asio drivers, tried it in Reaper (damn you know it's a problem when it hard crashes Reaper).

Whats up? Can we get a confirmation of this from NI? or a status update? I wanna love this keyboard but being forced to use a program that hard crashes whatever DAW I'm using is kinda ****** up my whole project.

Other people have been posting about this around the web, please don't reply if it's been "working just fine" for you. You don't need to share that, it's not really relevant :) love u

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