White liquid on sides of the keys on brand new S88 MK3

Deus Grae
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I noticed some weird white stuff on sides of the keys on my new S88 Mk3. Is this normal? What is it? Other than that it works fine but I am a bit worried...

Shop that I bought it from asked to contact NI to get details on what is it and if its normal to proceed further in terms of replacement if needed.


  • Ojustaboo
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    It kind of looks a bit like the type of grease that’s used on various plastic parts and will have been put on during manufacturing.

    It’s usually a very thick grease in regards to not going to move around when you carry the keyboard.

    Does it feel like grease?

    It also looks like something has been spilt and dried out.

    Have you tried wiping it off?

    One last thought, it also looks slightly like a piece of the protective film the s88 ships with?

    Presuming it’s not a piece of the film, if it’s on more than one key, I would be worried something has spilled and could do damage/shorten the life of it and would want it replaced (and if you sold it in the future, could put buyers off)

    Just checked my 88 mk3, nothing on any of them.

  • Deus Grae
    Deus Grae Member Posts: 5 Member

    No, its not film. And yeah it feels like grease of some sorts. Weird. I will ask shop in which I bought it if they can replace it

  • Deus Grae
    Deus Grae Member Posts: 5 Member

    Shop told me to contact NI support for them to decide what needs to be done. I created ticket several days ago but no reply still

  • Chris_NI
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    Hi @Deus Grae

    @Ojustaboo is correct, this is simply the grease that helps the mechanics of the hammer action keybed.

    All you need to do is wipe it off and typically no more grease will come out. This was also reported from time to time on the S88 MK2.

    This grease is applied in the factory and in some rare cases a bit of it comes out after transport, but it is nothing to worry about, from the perspective of your keyboard it likely had a bit too much grease applied so it is well lubricated, and the grease itself doesn't damage anything. This is quite common with hammer action keyboards, there is no need to have it returned, and you can use it normally after cleaning it.

    If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask.

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