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I have experienced some weird and stressful situations with Traktor I’ve been using Traktor sims came out first time 2004/2005 if im correct but enough time . I have the same problem like i was reading from my fellow Traktor user now I adress directly to NI bfore was easy to comunicate with NI on the phone but now can’t find anything and … really NI that’s not how we been educated by you before i have to buy new laptop with the specyfic ios so i can be able to play with my fav instrument ever possible and the mixer X1. That’s it only couple of months worth..i sell my DJM1000 cuz Traktor is not compatible and not use Serato ..pls NI do something pls. We really appreciated. Ty


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    You can get support here: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/de/sections/15449821909021

    It's a email ticket support.

    Yes, the X1 mk3 will need latest traktor, which needs a modern OS. Older version of the x1 should work with older traktor and thus older os as well.

    It seems the DJM1000 does not have any USB at all. Get a audio interface and you should be able to use it. Or what do you mean?

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