Kontrol S61 MK3 with Maschine 2

Ticaff Member Posts: 6 Newcomer
Hello everyone,

Do you know if I can display the maschine functionalities, directly on the screen of my S61MK3 keyboard as it is possible to do with the MK2 version, if yes, how?


  • Vic Angelo
    Vic Angelo Member Posts: 103 Advisor

    Native Instruments removed this Maschine functionality on the new Kontrol MK3. Terrible move on their part.

    You have to use the older keyboard, the Kontrol MK2, to get any of the goodness that was Screens functionality, Note editing, Key Mode, Mixer, Library Management, Plug-in contol, Macros, Scenes, etc.... Kontrol+Maschine... RIP.

  • Ticaff
    Ticaff Member Posts: 6 Newcomer
    Hello, thank you for this feedback, what an incredible idea on their part, it's so stupid.... ******

  • Mark Oxley
    Mark Oxley Member Posts: 90 Helper

    My sentiments exactly and why I'm sticking with my MK2.

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