MASCHINE MK3 problem exporting a pad sound with the effect

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Hi, I

ve been going around the houses with Sebastian from NI to get a very simple question answered but I'm getting nowhere. Can anyone help. Ive got Maschine MK3 and all I want to do is choose a single pad (say for a kick drum), then add an effect to it (say beat delay for example) , then all I want to do is export that recording file with the effect attached.

When you export you get the option of "select al"l, "sounds , group , master" etc and Ive tried all these configurations trying to simply export the sound with the chosen effect but all I get is the pad file with the dry sound and no effect. How can this be ? What is it I'm missing or doing wrong please? What configuration in export am I suppose to use to allow this basic process?

If I can do this for one pad I can then do it for the next (snare etc) and then build my rhytmn like this by dropping each file into my DAW and arranging as I want.

Ive sent videos to NI and still haven't had a clear simple answer , this was their reply

"Hello, I just got an answer from the developer:

 Exporting by sounds will only export fx on the sounds, it will bypass group and master fx. Exporting by group applies sound and group fx, but not master fx. Exporting master applies all fx. Depending on the amount of tracks, you can solo a track (or mute everything else) and export the group for each sound. It'll just take forever. It is a bit annoying. We filed a feature request for this." .

Ive tried all there above and cannot get the effects to export with the pad sound.

any help greatly appreciated. In the middle of making an album and this is really not helping.

best wishes

Paul UK



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    can you post a screenshot of how you have it setup?

    For example, I recorded a snap, added a delay, put a single trigger in a pattern and exported it

    The screenshot below is the resulting file. I exported at the sound level

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