To make space for my library I need to wipe Sample drive, reformat with no redundancy.

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Running Logic on Mac Pro (late 2013).

I want to add sample libraries to my Thunderbolt 2 OWC

It has 4 500 GB SSD's. Should be 2TB but it is formatted to run and only 1.44TB are available.

I need the additional 500 GB so I'm going to reformat it to 0

I want to move my sample library to my 2TB SanDisk and then back to the OWC drive. Is this possible?


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  • WillyB
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    Thanks Jeremy.

    I'm getting ready for a Orchestration/Arranging course and I need to have access to my sample libraries on both.

    I've newly installed my NI Kontakt library to a 4 TB Samsung T7 USB 3.2

    I also have the NI Kontakt library on my OWC Sample SSD

    I'm using Kontakt on 2 machines. The 2023 M2 MBP w/ Samsung T7 for portable work... and in my studio 2013 MacPro trash can (64GB 1TB).OS. Apogee Duet interface. It's uses Thunderbolt 2 and USB It’s set up with 3 monitors…

    My OWC sample drive is full and won't allow me to add to it.... which I will need to do. I can make more space if I wipe, from RAID 5 to RAID 0 to make it 2 TB. The reinstall the Kontakt library.... or could I just connect the Samsung T7 to it using a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 connector?

    Thanks for your help

  • WillyB
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    After downloading it all VOXOS comes up missing....??? I think it's CineSamples.... cost $500 and it's missing...

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